Autumn at Proper Order Coffee Co.

Autumn at┬áProper Order Coffee Co gives us a chance to use what’s widely available at harvest time, especially if we can do a little foraging in the hedgerows. All around the Dublin suburbs in Autumn, blackberries, elderberries and rose hips are ready for the picking, in gardens, rhubarb is coming to end of season and apples are ready to be harvested. It’s this bounty, along with some earlier foraging, that goes into many of our syrups which we then use in our Special Latte.

So far this year we’ve had elderflower, lemon verbena, chocolate mint, and strawberry and cream soda syrups , and Autumn has given us elderberry, blackberry and rose hips to be used in our syrups, all locally picked or foraged fruit and leaves.

Call in and ask what’s on for our Special Latte. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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