Red Brick - Click & Collect Only

Red Brick - Click & Collect Only


This is the house coffee at Proper Order. If you’ve had a coffee with us the chances are this is the one you enjoyed and we have it packed in 350g bags for you to take home. Roasted 18/12/18.

While the signature flavour of Red Brick stays similar all year round, the components change throughout the year, ensuring that what you’re drinking is both in season and at its best.

At the moment the Red Brick Consists of:

50% Huehuetenego Smallholders, Guatemala.

50% Puente Tarrazu, Costa Rica.

We find this blend has notes of Milk Chocolate, Butterscotch and Tangerine. It is smooth, rich and is perfect for sharing. We recommend enjoying your coffee within 4 weeks of the roast date but it will taste good well beyond that.

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